Tuesday, 27 December 2011

La Dolce Vita

Italy- my favourite place in the world. Host to some of the most beautiful sites and scenery, full of gorgeous people with amazing style and home of some of the best art, culture and fashion. Lets not even get started on the coffee, ice cream and pasta...

I've been lucky enough to spend time in a number of Italian destinations, from Florence, to Venice and Capri- but what i've seen that remains a constant in all these places is the importance of family, which i love. And which is why i am currently obsessing over Dolce and Gabbana's spring/summer 2012 advertising campaign.

In the images fashion design pair D&G celebrate Italian cinema (which has been a constant inspiration for their collections) and Italy's film icons like Sofia Loren, who, as they've said "personify seduction and comfort at the same time". The shots are meant to appear as stills from a film set in southern Italy, some even featuring real life Italian actors.

Aren't the photos great?! I love the stunning women in those dresses, the wonderfully dressed children, and the presence of the grandparents- the warm colouring and sepia tones just make the images even more dreamy and cinematic. Can my future family be like this please? One of my distant hopes is actually to escape to Portofino, make wine for a living and sail a boat on the shores- i now just need to find an Italian husband. Hmm...

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