Monday, 14 May 2012

Russo's rocks

Hello! Sorry i've been away for so long *cue tumbleweed rolling*. I've been interning at Notion magazine as a fashion assitant, seeing the Damien Hirst show at the Tate and cracking on with my history exam revision, but more about all that later (well, maybe not the history stuff because that is boring and i doubt you want to read about that).

But for now, here's some quick news that may brighten your Monday- style icon and one of fashion's most playful, extravagant dressers Anna Dello Russo is doing an accessories collaboration with H&M. That's right, the woman whose jewel embellished gowns and strangely wonderful headpieces that can be spotted from a mile off during any fashion week is getting together with the high street chain to create a line of lovely shiny things. Check out the video below to see Miss Russo discussing her long time obsession with fashion and jewellery, but also look at how amazing her apartment is! Although, I wouldn't expect anything less...

Be back soon my loves, have a great week.