Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I was so excited to go see Shame in cinema and after finally watching it last night i can definitely say it lived up to if not exceeded my expectations.

Director Steve McQueen excellently opens up the dark, disturbing world of sex addiction to the audience whilst still making the whole film visually stimulating. Even simple scenes like Fassbender taking a night time run through the city and Mulligan singing a haunting rendition of "New York, New York" are stand out in their beautiful imagery.

The chemisty between the two leading actors creates a strange, unsettling but compelling brother/sister relationship on screen. Carey Mulligan brilliantly conveys her character Sissy's simultaneously explosive but desperate and vulnerable nature. But in particular Michael Fassbender's amazing portrayal of protagonist Brandon makes us sense the thrill, self loathing and constant thirst for intimacy that a sex addict experiences. As a viewer i was constantly caught between feeling repulsion and pity for the character but overall this makes the film wonderfully emotionally intense.

Tragic, shocking, revealing...this film goes beyond just the issue of sex and it really does provoke a lot of thought- i can't recommend it highly enough, please go see it! You can watch the trailer here .

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Who's That Girl?

Apologies for being such a stranger to the blog...but just look at this face! I'm dedicating today's post to my love of the new US sitcom to grace our screens in the UK, New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. The series explores character Jess's new life, who after a messy break up with a lame long term boyfriend starts sharing an apartment with three guys; singleton Nick, ladies man Schmidt and ex basket ball player Winston.

Hilarity is ensured by the tackling of sitcom issues we've all come to know and love- the awkwardness of dating, rejuvenation of love lives and clashing of the opposite sexes. But most of all, Jess who is so strange (she often sings to herself) and sweet is so loveable!

I am one of those people that was a huge fan of Friends, and always will be. I still miss those 6 drinking coffee on that couch in Central Perk...but i think for now, New Girl has fulfilled my appetite for a genuinely good, entertaining sitcom.

Tune in Friday's, 8:30pm on Channel 4 to see what i'm babbling on about, if not to just revel in the perfection that is Deschanel with those blue eyes, lush hair and fabulous glasses!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

If I Were A Boy

With men's fashion week in Milan and Pitti Uomo in Florence, my appreciation for men's style has really picked up again, so today is just a quick post on this lovely man, Bruce Pask. He is men's fashion director at T Magazine and keeps popping up on my favourite blog The Sartorialist- even as a girl i just really love his style. I love that combination of fur and denim in the first look and the neck tie below...there's just something about the way he puts outfits together that are so effortless and pleasing to the eye. And in my opinion you can never go wrong with some facial hair.

All images taken by and from thesartorialist.com

Friday, 13 January 2012

The fabulous Mr Ford

Style Forum Special from Music Guy on Vimeo.

I love it when i somewhat randomly come across inspiring things on the internet, and this is definitely an example! A 40 minute long documentary on Tom Ford with him talking about everything from the launch of his own womenswear collection, his time spent at Gucci, YSL and the creation of his film A Single Man. There are so many things in this video that i was truly inspired by, from Ford's passionate drive for his work, his clear vision of both himself and the brand's aesthetic, to his general knowledge and creativity in fashion. I think he really is a man to be admired...