Friday, 16 December 2011

Fashion things which have been inspiring me

As with much of the teenage youth of today i am blog obsessed, here are some looks which i have been pondering and admiring (but not imitating, because i have no money) recently... oh and excuse my very vague and unoriginal post title :/

Umm where can i get my hands on a great sheer python print shirt like this? Love it

This isn't something that i would exactly wear myself, but i really like how Shala Monroque has pulled this outfit together. When i first saw these car emblazoned skirts from Prada's spring/summer 2012 collection i really wasn't a fan and all i could think was "who is actually going to wear that?!". But here Shala just looks so wonderful and unique with the clean white shirt, fur and those gorgeous crystal earrings.

I love the texture and colour in her jumper that she's paired with a basic black skirt and heels. Definitely my kind of style... and those killer legs!

This is probably still the best seasonal/party wear outfit i've seen, i actually LOVE it. I'm a big fan of neutral colours like creams, so this paired with the feathers and jewels and nude heels is just so darn pretty! And the red lips pull it all together, perfect.

Image 1 found on Tumblr, the rest credit goes to the amazing street style blog of Vanessa Jackman

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