Saturday, 20 August 2011

How i ended up here

So, this is my first post on my blogpost and i'm not going to lie, i have about 3 other blogspot addresses which i have never pursued, but this time, it's different. I know what you're thinking (if you're actually taking out your sweet time to read this), me keeping up with this blog will be another empty promise and in a few months you'll type in this web address and this will still be the first and only post...

However, i've experienced alot of turmoil in the past 3 days and after various events i now have the status of...


A levels and university have not worked out for the moment but next year i will achieve my ambition of becoming an English Literature student. Until then, bear with me.

This blog will be my ramblings most likely about fashion, music, books, art, my daily life and panicking about the possibility of becoming a homeless, jobless bum.