Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Going Wild

This post is not about my crazy party lifestyle* but instead the fabulous Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition i went to at the Natural History Museum yesterday.

The show really was wonderful, it was great reading the photographers stories that went with their entries, it really made the images seem a lot more personal and it was amazing seeing what individuals go through to capture really special photos. From spending days on freezing cold terrain to nearly being attacked by huge animals, some of the tales proved that nature photography is on a whole other level! Being interested in photography myself the show even made me thinking about using some new techniques...

Within the exhibition there was a photojournalism award which went to Daniel Beltra for his photo series The Price of Oil. The colour and patterns seen in the images are beautiful, despite the fact they portray the terrible BP oil spill that occurred in Louisiana in 2010. However what i find most interesting is Beltra's reasoning behind the appearance of the photos: "Photographs of disasters are often harsh. This set of images wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery, where families could look at them and discuss them. It's a route to understanding that doesn't depend on shock. I think it helps get the message to a wider audience, because if the image is aesthetically appealing, people are more likely to stop and read the caption."

Migaloo, the only all white humpback whale in the world. I loved the photos of him in the show and how he seemed a gorgeous turquoise colour underneath the ocean waves.

The "Wildscape" photos blew my mind, they really conveyed how as a photographer you're sometimes exposed to once in a lifetime, other-worldly scenes. I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights, and the glow of the light and the stars in this image just made me want to go even more!

I also really liked Martin Cooper's take on wildlife in urban surroundings, this silhouette of a coyote against railway tracks is just stunning.

And this photo of a hippo just really made me laugh for some reason, i was genuinely cracking up in the middle of the exhibition. I can't believe they've been named as the most dangerous animal in the world...

Overall i would highly recommend going to see this photo show- even if you're not specifically interested by photography, there's always an engaging image to see and in general the exhibition showcases a lot of creative talent. And plus, the Museum is always a fun day out! Walking through the other rooms almost made me want to give up my journalism career dreams and try and be something cool like a geologist/palaeontologist. But somehow i don't think i'll get very far with just a B in Biology GCSE and no qualification what so ever in Geography...

Until next time! xxx

*I don't actually have a party lifestyle. I drink a lot of tea and quote Shakespeare plays.

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