Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hey folks, just a quick post today to say that i strongly recommend you going to see Prometheus! I took a trip yesterday to the cinema with the family after hearing such good reviews and can honestly say that the film deserves all the acclaim it's received so far.

One of the reasons that initially encouraged me to go was the fact Michael Fassbender is starring and after seeing him already give amazing performances in Shame and A Dangerous Method this year i knew it would be worth a watch! He really is excellent in this and does so well at playing his emotionally and morally complex character David, an immortal android (sounds strange i know, but trust me on this...). Seeing Prometheus just confirmed for me how versatile he is as an actor, it was great seeing how well he transitions from more art-house productions to big, Hollywood blockbuster roles.

The movie looks at human kind's inexhaustible quest to find out how we began in the world and where we originated as a species, but it also explores lots of other great themes and concepts like dreams, bravery, mortality and the extremities we're willing to go to for the things we love. This is the first Ridley Scott creation i have seen (shock horror) and also my first real encounter with the sci-fi genre, yet i still thoroughly enjoyed it. If you're already an Alien fan i'm sure you'll appreciate all the subtle references within Prometheus but you'll be very satisfied even if you're just someone that likes to geek out on fantastic visual effects and things exploding in space.

Apparently the film has been 30 years in the making, so i can definitely say that it was worth the time and effort Mr Scott! If you're still not quite convinced then take a look at the trailer below- enjoy your Sunday.