Sunday, 25 September 2011

Boys Boys Boys

I start work experience today (I say today because it's 1:34am, God knows i should be sleeping) at the free men's weekly magazine, Shortlist. Apart from being in my usual terrified/nervous state of mind, i am also extremely excited. A career in journalism is what i'm hoping for in the long run, so being given the opportunity to spend time at a great publication like this is amazing.

What i'm particularly hoping for is being able to spend some time in the fashion almost religious following of street style blogs such as The Satorialist, Street FSN and Jak and Jil has recently made me very interested in men's styling and how that translates over into female clothing too; i see men's clothes as almost simpler, re-inventions of the classics. However, suit cuts and the details of tailoring go way over my head...

But anyway, i'm looking forward to a great, informative week! I'll leave you to enjoy the image below of my favourite well dressed man, Brad Goreski.

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