Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Older, wiser blah blah blah

Everyone has that band that reminds them of their younger years, don't they? I do know this is an utterly ridiculous question to ask considering i am myself still only 18, but the other night i was lucky enough to see You Me At Six at the o2 Brixton Academy and without a doubt their songs bring me so much nostalgia.

It was the band's final show after a lengthy and most likely tiring world tour promoting their new album Sinners Never Sleep, but no standards had slipped. With this also being the 4th time i have seen them live, i think i can safely say this was their best performance to date.

I went with one of my closest friends and we took a lot of pleasure of finally being at the age where we actually wanted to stand towards the back of the venue with the "older crowd" (har har). Looking down onto the brutal mosh pits, we laughed at the days when we would arrive hours early before the show just so we could practically suffocate in the crowd and be squished up against the front row bar.

As YMAS began to play tracks from their debut album that was released when i was only around 14, it was nice to think about all the times those songs had been playing in the background on lazy days spent sitting chatting absolute rubbish about school life or blasted at 1am on sleepovers where we'd "fan-girl" about how great the lead singers voice was...

Anyway, that's enough peering back into the past with rose-tinted glasses (and embarrassing myself). Overall, the gig was really great and i thought i'd share one of the tour diaries the band has made throughout their time on the road in the UK, just because it makes me laugh and it's nice to see what musicians get up to backstage. Plus, I think tour life looks SO fun.

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