Friday, 10 February 2012

The Near Future

I have a tendency to go dream window shopping and admire things which i cannot afford. And just a few weeks ago, in the depths of the January sales, whilst i was indulging this silly habit of mine and browsing online fashion haven Net-A-Porter i came across this. A Mary Katrantzou dress, reduced! For the bargain price of...


I think a "lol" is appropriate here. But rejoice my friends, Mary Katrantzou is embarking on a collaboration with Topshop! You will be able to own some of her wonderful designs by paying prices more aligned with the high street.

I've personally love the sleeveless silk blouse paired with the blue floral trousers (above), very on trend considering clashing prints are in. The dress is gorgeous too, but at £350 it still looks like i'll need to be saving my pocket money for a while!

Sadly it's already sold out online folks, so if you've got cash to burn and want a piece of Katrantzou art in your wardrobe, you should hurry to your latest Topshop store immediately...

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